Delicious Italian recipe for fried Mozzarella. As delicious as it sounds!

Sometimes you don’t know what to have for dinner and you make a salad, other times though you start looking for indulgent and yummy recipe you have never tried before and, in this case, ‘mozzarella in carrozza’ are exactly what you are looking for:

Check out here the recipe:

Ingredients (6 servings) :

  • 2 Mozzarellas;
  • 5 Eggs;
  • Anchovies or anchovies paste;
  • White bread;
  • Bread crumbs;
  • Milk;
  • Salt.


Start by scrambling the eggs in a bowling adding a pinch of salt, then cut the mozzarellas in small pieces.

Cut the bread in fours and cutting off the crust, obtaining little square.

Fill a bowl with milk and very quickly soak the bread in it.

Be careful! If you soak it for too long it will break and you will have to throw it away!

Now make little sandwiches , filled with the anchovies and the mozzarella.

Then carefully soak the sandwiches in the egg and coat them in breadcrumbs.

Do it twice, that is the secret of the perfect ‘mozzarella in carrozza’.

Lastly, fry them in oiled serve warm.

The mozzarella will create an amazing string of cheese while you bite into it!

While the anchovies will give you an amazing salty kick that will surely make you fall in love with this fantastic recipe!

How good does that look?

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