A delicious vegetarian meal, very easy and quick, kids will love it too!

This is a re-visitation of an ancient Neapolitan recipe.

This dish is full of different flavor and it’s good every time, during summer or winter, as a lunch or as a dinner.

They are good by themselves or accompanied by some bread.

Check out here the recipe:


  • 1 Red pepper;
  • 1 Half onion;
  • 2 Eggs;
  • 350g Tomato sauce;
  • Parsley Leafs;
  • Oil;
  • Salt;
  • Pepper.


As you can see in the photo I already removed the seeds from the pepper and the pedicel. I suggest you do it now for having it ready later when it’s time to throw it in the pan.

Now chop the onion very finely and throw it in a pan with three tablespoon of olive oil.

When the onions starts reaching that browny shade, add to the pan the chopped red pepper.

Let the mix cook for at least five minutes while stirring.

When the five minutes are over add the tomato sauce to the pan.

Let everything cook together for 10 minutes.

Once the ten minutes have passed, move the sauce in order to get two spots empty and fill them with the egg.

Then cover everything and let it cook for 5 minutes, there’s no need to stir.

After five minutes, uncover the pan and there it is, your egg in purgatory is ready to be served!

Eat it together with some bread and enjoy!

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