In today’s society, we buy, we throw, we buy again and we throw again. It has been this way since a long time and finally our earth is presenting humanity the bill. By continuing this way we are going to consume all the primary resources on our earth, it’s mandatory a change. 

How can Swapabee change this? Continue to read…

What is Swapabee?

It’s an online platform. Their main objective is to make people swap their stuff instead of throwing it. The process is quite simple and straightforward, a person posts an object with the pictures and information. The picture is then posted on the browser, the app will ultimately try and match your object’s value with others, already giving you the possibilities to make a deal. If these objects proposed by the software doesn’t satisfy who posted the ad in first place, no worries, he or she can refuse and simply leave their ad on the website, where other users might see it and propose a swap.

Swapabee uses a credit system for what concerns making posts. You get two when registering and by either donating through the app or referral codes you could get more. 

On the app is very easy to look for what somebody’s looking for by using the search button. When close to a deal, it’s always better for asking for the history of the item in order to check the actual conditions of it.

Finally, last rule! There are no rules to the swapping, everything can be swapped with everything!

Easy isn’t it?

How can this change the world’s attitude?

Well, firstly, the objects swapped aren’t going to the landfills but to a new owner who’s going to make use of it.

Secondly, I’m going to steal a quote from former astronaut Neil Armstrong for this point: ‘A small swap for a man is a big swap for humanity’ or was it step, I don’t recall but you people get the sense of the phrase. 

It’s not a single swap that will change the world but by taking part in it, somebody takes part in the revolution. People have to choose where they stand, if they want to be part of the solution or of the problem. There isn’t any way around it, if we don’t stop consuming as much as we do we are going to suck upon the earth’s most important resources. 

Why now?

If not now, when?

This pandemic situation really did slow down the world’s economy, many business failed, we are heading toward an unprecedented economic revolution.

It’s the perfect occasion for changing what making business mean, not only for us but for the environment. Today consumerism feeds capitalism. Swapabee instead promotes to swap instead to throw , challenging our institutions.

Swapabee it’s not only swapping, it’s awareness and revolution! It’s a change! Their message is clear, that it’s time to swap stuff if not we are going to end up covered in trash!

What are you waiting for? Join the movement!

Swapabee is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It can also be found at on the web.


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