MyHotChili is the page where I can finally share my secrets in the kitchen. What I want to propose are simple recipe, all with ingredients that you can find at the supermarket. My approach at the food is to always create new things and experiment. This is where I would like to transmit to people that, the food is the only thing that unites all the cultures. We should not be afraid of putting that minimum effort in our meal to make it decent as there’s nothing more satisfying than cooking something genuinely good.

I hope these recipe delight and inspire you,

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  • Let’s talk a moment about Swapabee!
    In today’s society, we buy, we throw, we buy again and we throw again. It has been this way since a long time and finally our earth is presenting humanity the bill. By continuing this way we are going to consume all the primary resources on our earth, it’s mandatory a change. How can Swapabee change this? Continue to read…
  • Vegan Chocolate Mousse
    Super easy and delicious recipe for your favorite dessert! With an addition of a surprising ingredient!
  • Stuffed Mozzarella
    Delicious summer recipe, so easy that no cooking is necessary!
  • Rice Noodles in Beetroot Sauce
    Colors, taste and simplicity all united in one amazing recipe.
  • Fennel Casserole with Italian Scamorza and Eggs
    This easy recipe will make you look like a restaurant chef!

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